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SR Mecatronic ASR 850 FLAT Skew Plus Twin

€2.290,00 (Incl. VAT €397,44)
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Compact, fast, silent.

It is the ideal antenna for those travelling to remote places.
Capable of fully automatic LNB angle correction (e.g. Portugal, Morocco and Turkey).
The only one with intelligent GPS (powered while the motorhome is on the move), equipped with an inclinometer to maintain the correct elevation while searching for the satellite even with the motorhome tilted.
This makes the ASR 850 Flat Skew unrivaled on the market.



type of device Offset
tuner DVBS2
supply 12V DC -20/+30%
current search <2 Ah
stand-by current <0.3 Ah
weight 10.9kg
overall dimensions in maximum rotation 1200mm
size when closed LxBxH 1000Mm x 780Mm x 185Mm
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